We provide a variety of entertainment options that are perfect for ceremony music, drinks reception, music through dinner, party band, DJ and more so that you create the show you wish.. From duet, trio, full band and DJ set to solo marimba player there are plenty of options and combinations you can choose from

The Menu

1. Party Band

Repertoire: Funk, Disco, Soul, Jazz, Latin, Rock & Roll, Blues and more. Instruments: guitar, bass-guitar, vocals (+ backing vocals provided by the instrumentalists), drums and saxophone. This quintet can get the guests on the dance floor.

2. World & Jazz Trio 

Instruments: Guitar, Saxophone & Vocals. Repertoire: Soul, Funk, chill-out Jazz, World, Blues and more

3. Motown, Soul, Jazz & Rock Trio

Instruments: Guitars & Vocals. Repertoire: Motown, Soul, Funk, chill-out Jazz, Blues, Pop and more

4. Saxophone & Guitar duet

Repertoire: chill-out Jazz, Cinematic, World and more. 

5. Guitar & Vocals duet

Repertoire: Motown, Soul, Funk, Jazz, World, Greek and more

6. Acoustic Guitar duet – two guitars

Repertoire: Cinematic, Blues, World, Greek, Jazz and Pop music

7. Traditional Duets & Trios:

Mandolin & Guitar or Guitar & Violin or trio of those. Bouzouki duet or trio.

Repertoire: traditional music from Greece including music from the Islands of the Ionian & Aegean Sea. Rebetiko, Classical, Jazz and World music. The instrumentalists are also able singers.

8. DJ set 

Repertoire: build mainly on customer’s expectations and shaped around guests will

9. Marimba player - solo or as part of an ensemble

Repertoire: Cinematic, Classical, Jazz

Notes: All acts are self-sufficient in regards to transportation, sound & stage lighting. Other instrumental combinations are available upon request. Visit our gallery to see pictures and videos. We also offer Retro/String Light Services. Quality is guaranteed, we are musicians so we know what it takes to be one

10.Sound & Lighting

We work with professional sound engineers and music technologists to deliver quality services for your event. From P.A. to sound installations everything is possible.

We can also offer lighting Services such as festoon, fairy and stage lighting among others. Get in touch for more information

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