Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you need?

A power outlet would be the only thing needed. Our band is fully sufficient providing your event with high quality P.A. and Lights.

What sort of music do you play?

The band's repertoire dabbles in Funk, Soul to Disco and Motown to Rock and Blues, as well as modern tracks from genres like R&B and Pop. Jazz standards, evocative Latin numbers, as well as Greek fun favorites are also part of their ever-expanding repertoire. Check out our repertoire page for more info

What type of collaborations do you engage in?

Collaborating is the name of the game in good music. So, yes on occasion we collaborate with equally hard-working musicians on saxophone, trombone, flute, keyboard, double bass, violin, percussion, vocals, Greek strings (bouzouki, outi), mandolin and more. Click here to see our additional options

Would DJing be part of what you do?

We have got access to a huge array of music and when needs be, we put on a DJ set that appeals to even the most diverse audience. We also collaborate with local DJ's.

Can you perform outdoors as well as indoors?

Tried, tested and guaranteed Yes. We have even experienced a change of venue from outdoors to indoors on the same gig! Our control over the sound keeps the levels ideal and we adjust accordingly.

Can you do a song upon request?

Our band can learn songs/tunes on request. In that case we will need a 2 months notice.

How flexible are you?

When the objective is a performance that satisfies the audience, the manager of the event, ourselves and the "muse" we are infinitely flexible, However, since quality is linked to fairness we are confined by the limits of reason. (i.e. Can't do it for nothing, suspended in mid-air, upside down, in a burning pit to a pack of ravenous zombies)

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