Sound & Lighting Equipment Hire

Our sound engineers and music technologists deliver quality services for your event. From P.A. to sound installations everything is possible.

We also offer lighting Services to light up your event plus projectors and projection screens to display your special moments.

We cater for ceremonies, reception parties, small gigs up to big festivals. We have experience in setting up to beaches, boats, villas, luxury hotels, amphitheaters and more. Quality and functionality is guaranteed.

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We offer sound equipment for any situation, from small weddings to big events such as festivals. Our quality equipment such as JBL, Turbosound, Soundcraft, Numark, Shure Beta etc guarantee  to deliver pristine sound quality for your event

Take a look below on some of our Sound Equipment set up work


We do lighting installations according to your needs, from Retro/festoon/string lighting for your dinner to stage lighting for your ceremony, we have you covered. Responsibility and flexibility from electricians is guaranteed.

Read the Ultimate Guide to Wedding Lighting to get an idea of the lingo and design ideas both indoor and outdoor set-ups. Most set-ups in Kefalonia are outdoor, String Lighting is the most wanted as it is used to cover dinner and reception areas with poor lighting. Also, stage lighting is used to light up the dance area in front of a DJ or a Band.

Take a look below on some of our Lighting Installation work