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1. Party Band

Repertoire: Funk, Disco, Soul, Jazz, Latin, Rock & Roll, Blues and more. Instruments: guitar, bass-guitar, vocals (+ backing vocals provided by the instrumentalists), drums and saxophone. This 7 piece band can get your guests on the dance floor.

2. World & Jazz Trio 

Instruments: Guitar, Saxophone & Double Bass. Repertoire: Soul, Funk, chill-out Jazz, World, Blues and more. Vocals can be added.

3. Motown, Soul, Jazz & Rock Trio

Instruments: Guitar, Keys & Vocals. Repertoire: Motown, Soul, Funk, chill-out Jazz, Blues, Pop and more

4. Saxophone & Guitar duet

Repertoire: chill-out Jazz, Cinematic, World and more. 

5. Guitar & Vocals duet

Repertoire: Motown, Soul, Funk, Jazz, World, Greek and more

6. Traditional Duets & Trios:

Mandolin & Guitar or Guitar & Violin or trio of those. Bouzouki & Guitarduet or trio is also available.

Repertoire: traditional music from Greece including music from the Islands of the Ionian & Aegean Sea. Rebetiko, Classical, Jazz and World music. The instrumentalists are also able singers.

7. DJ set 

Repertoire: build mainly on customer’s expectations.

8. Marimba player - solo or as part of an ensemble

Repertoire: Cinematic, Classical, Jazz

Notes: Other instrumental combinations are available upon request. All acts are self-sufficient in regards to transportation, sound & stage lighting. Visit our gallery to see pictures and videos.

Note:we are musicians so we know what it takes to be one

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